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The premium league in temperature measurement

The premium league in temperature measurement

hotset manufactures high-precision platinum sensors for medical and dental technology

hotset advances into the upper performance ranges of contact high temperature measurement with its new platinum sensors. This is because the precious metal sensors available in various configurations are suitable for application temperatures of up to 1,600° C and meet the highest demands in terms of measuring precision. In medical and dental technology, they are already being used in innovative sintering and glazing processes.

Many processes in state-of-the-art medical and dental technology involve the use of high temperatures of 900° C and more. These include, for example, a number of sintering, glazing, melting and plasma technologies that are applied in the manufacture and surface finishing of instruments and implants. There are also a large number of high-temperature processes in analytical and laboratory technology – for instance in autoclave and reactor systems for conducting hydrogenation or catalyst tests. The new platinum sensors HT1600-P from hotset, with which the well-known thermodynamics specialist is expanding its range of temperature sensors in its hotcontrol product line, are designed for use in such demanding areas. Device and equipment manufacturers in the field of medical, dental and laboratory technology now benefit from a high-quality premium solution for the realization of innovative high-tech applications.

Precision solution for high-temperature applications

As its name implies, hotset's new precious metal sensor is suitable for measuring and monitoring temperatures up to 1,600° C. The sensor offers very high accuracy over the entire measuring range. "Even in the very highest temperature zones, the HT1600-P stands out with smallest deviations of just +/- 1.0° C", says hotset product manager Adrian Strojny. Because of this high level of accuracy, platinum sensors can also be used as reference or standard in calibration technology. This opens up entirely new ways for manufacturers of medical and laboratory technology to develop high-temperature solutions that demand above-average accuracy in temperature control and parameterization.

Great scope for special requirements

hotset generally offers the new HT1600-P platinum sensors in three basic configurations: As temperature sensors in straight design pursuant to DIN EN 50446, as thermocouple with wire pair pursuant to DIN EN 60584 as well as ANSI 96.1 and as sheathed thermocouple pursuant to DIN EN 61515 with thin-walled, flexible sheathed cables. "However, as is customary with our thermal sensors, we always adapt the construction and design of each HT1600-P to the concrete ideas and requirements of our customers," emphasizes Product Manager Adrian Strojny. The options offered by hotset here range from the selection of many different connection contacts, the implementation of special requirements with regard to the shape of the sensor, adaptation to difficult installation situations or the calibration and stabilization of the thermocouple through targeted tempering.

Optimal under inert gas

The optimal environment for the new HT1600-P platinum sensors from hotset are applications with an inert gas atmosphere. However, they can also be used in normal air environments. The HT1600-P from hotset is an extremely high-quality sensor solution for medical and laboratory equipment and device manufacturers who are in need of a high-precision sensor for the control, acquisition and monitoring of high-temperature processes, which can also convince with short response times and long-term stability