Flexible heating pads and bands for homogenous surface tempering

hotform silicone heating elements are high efficient, energy saving and fast solutions fort he homogenous surface tempering. Innovative heating conductor geometries and highly heat transferring special silicone guarantee a fast heat transfer and an extraordinary even heat distribution.

By using hotform silicone heating elements you defrost, warm and heat plane as well as round, arched and circumferential surfaces. They are very flat, lightweight and flexible. The hotform silcone heating elements can be easily fixed on surfaces as pads, bands or customer-specific parts or can be used for the integration in sandwich designs and multilayer systems.
hotform silcone heating elements are made for a large temperature range from -60 °C up to +270 °C and can be controlled exactly regarding time and temperature. They guarantee functional and operational reliabilty and minimize the expenses for maintenance and repair.

You receive our hotform silicone heating elements as ready for install system components. Size, design and connection can be constructed according to your application.

Fields of application


Parabolic antenna, flat antenna, panel antenna or rod antenna: Our hotform silicone heating elements can be used for flat, round, concave and convex surfaces of all types of radio, TV, radio or satellite antennas. They can be used both indoors and outdoors as stand-alone solutions, as built-in components or as intermediate layers in sandwich constructions. Depending on the objective, they can be used for defrosting (anti-icing) or for heating bowls, reflectors, radiators or housings.


Another large field of application for the hotform silicone heating elements in the field of telecommunications and information technology is the heating of switch cabinets as well as components of satellite technology, remote data transmission and industrial measurement and control technology.


hotform silicone heating elements are UV-resistant, weather-resistant, waterproof to IP 67 and comply with EN 45545 (smoke, fire).


In railway technology, hotform silicone heating elements are used to heat or defrost doors, steps, entrances, windows, mirrors, seats, floors, claddings as well as fresh and waste water tanks, pipelines and wagon couplings. They are also used to heat traction current collectors and the fronts of railcars. In track and signal technology, they protect mechanical setting devices and electrical-electronic switching contacts in railway tracks, points, signals and display panels against icing.


hotform silicone heating elements are very easy and flexible to install. They are UV-resistant, extremely weatherproof and waterproof to IP 67. They also comply with EN 45545 (fire, smoke), 50264 and EN 50306 (rail vehicles).



In the food industry, hotform silicone heating elements are used both in production and processing (machines, processes) as well as in preparation (e.g. canteen kitchens, private consumers) and distribution (e.g. catering, logistics). Depending on their purpose, they are used to warm up, heat, cook, liquefy, melt, defrost or keep warm liquid, pasty or solid foods.


Typical applications for hotform silicone heating elements in the food sector include waffle irons, hotplates, tube heaters in chocolate production and canteen heating systems.


hotform silicone heating elements are FDA-compliant and can be very easily fixed to the surfaces of plants, equipment, containers and pipelines. They are used in food technology in many thermodynamic and fluid processes.