Customer Project Engineering

Do you have a complete new requirement for feeding, removing or regulating process heat which would require new development?

Do you need complete machine components for your production, which can feed and remove process heat or regulate the temperature corresponding to the production requirements?

With our hotset Engineering we have the solution for you.

  • Design of heated machine components
  • System solutions for process heat
  • Optimization and design of heating systems for industrial applications
  • Engineering and development services

Development Services from the specialist for industrial heating elements

We are specialized in individual solutions for every application task:
As service provider we develop more and more often complete process heating systems. Not only as a trendsetter we strike a new path but also we supply our customers with decisive competitive advantages.

If the customer does not only want a heating element, but also needs a complete system solution for a new product or a method of production, then he can request the engineering and design services from hotset.

Our references range from process improvement for a fault-free production up to new constructions. In most cases a new heated machine component is tested or even supplied for serial production.

Energy saving although there is a shortage of skilled workers

Considering energy saving it is important to have the exact amount of heat at the right place within the production process.
In that case hotset offers its development expertise, since for most companies it is not rentable to have its own experts for this special sector.

Together with our customers we find solutions which can be adjusted to already existing machines. This is suitable for different sectors which are using electrical heating, e.g. die-casting, packaging, machine industry as well as automotive industry.